MIRIADONLINE GROUP (MOG) Meeting 16-12-15: Notes

Next MOG Meeting Date: Wednesday, 13th January 2016, 3-15-4.15pm, First Floor Space, Righton Building. Please pencil it in your diaries 😉 1. Introduction Present: Lewis Sykes, Jim Aulich, Sam Collings, Gary Spicer, Gemma Meek, Jo Darnley, Chris Hamer, Marianna Tsionki, Lucy Wright, Sara Davies Apologies: Hannah Allan, Ray Drainville, Michelle Stephens, Martin Smith Lewis welcomed […]

MIRIADONLINE – Academic Year 2014-15 Report

Introduction A brief overview of development undertaken by Lewis Sykes in the role of MIRIADONLINE Co-ordinator over the past 2014-15 academic year. General Statistics The latest ‘Site Stats’ for news.miriadonline.info (attached as a PDF) show the trend of an increase in visitors since its launch in March 2014 – ~4,700 (unique) visitors in 2014 & […]

‘Web 101’ Workshops and ‘How I Use the Web for my Research’ Presentations

On Wednesday, 13th November the MIRIAD Online Group (MOG) start a series of bi-weekly workshops introducing you to easy ways to set up your own research blog and manage its content. 13th November, 3.30-5pm – JD C1.02 (ground floor of John Dalton Building) 27th November, 3.30-5pm – JD C1.01 (ground floor of John Dalton Building) […]

MOG Meeting(s) 23-10-13

I asked Jim Aulich what he wanted from miriadonline. His response, to get it: functioning for researchers; functioning from an institutional point of view; behaving as a platform for research development for the region. Specifically he’d like to see: video via Vimeo easily accessible; ordering of elements on page; picture + 100 word statement for […]

Academic Blogging Workshop 21.11.12

Content Scheduling – share any created last week, further questions or points for discussion relating to this   Individual Focus – Anyone who wishes to share their online presence (specifically blogs), and receive feedback from the group on any issues they highlight   Good Online Writing and the Academic Reader David’s Top 10 tips for (academic) blogging […]

Next MOG Meeting

The next meeting of the MIRIAD Online Group (MOG) will be Wednesday, November 21st, 10-11am, Righton Foyer All MIRIAD PGRs and staff interested in discussing and developing considered approaches to the ‘academic’ Web are welcome. On the agenda for this meeting: 1. Reflection on recommendations from the March 2012 MOG report 2. Discussion about the […]