About MOG

The MIRIAD Online Group (MOG) aims to research and help develop strategies for a number of areas related to MIRIAD and Web technologies. It is an open forum for PGRs and staff to discuss and develop considered approaches to the ‘academic’ Web.

MOG will operate as a forward looking, student-led initiative seeking to instigate an uptake of inventive Web technology within MIRIAD in order to disseminate student and staff research to the wider academic community.

MOG will realise this by:

  • Identifying best practice
  • Collating examples of artistic practices that leverage Web technologies
  • Promoting an agenda of related issues
  • Practical roll-out of Web infrastructure
  • Seeking feedback from users
  • Training

Development will be guided by requirement and best practice – by creating a workspace to meet the needs of students and staff in response to their feedback and through research into innovative dissemination and research methods.