Academic Blogging 101 – 14.11.12

Time: 3.30 – 5pm, Wednesday 14.11.12
Venue: John Dalton Building, PC lab John Dalton C1.02

Today we will look at the first stages of planning an academic blog – what is the motivation for you, what are your aims, what style of writing will you use, and what types of content will be included?

Objectives of the session

  • To define what good blog content is
  • Overview and taxonomy of academic blogging
  • To begin planning our own blog contents
 Starting point – Pre Session 
Reading – link research in progress on the taxonomy of academic blogs – which would you align yourself with when you think about the type of online profile you want to create?
Task – Do you currently follow any blogs? Look through good blogs relevant to your subject area. Note:
  • What the particular purposes of good blogs/blogs are
  • What types of article do bloggers write about?
  • What media do they use?
  • What makes them unique/appealing?

The Workshop

Feedback from reading

Content Planning

‘Good’ content depends on the type of blog and profile you are attempting to create. Think about the range of topics and contents that could suit each…
Some examples of tried and tested types of content:

Trends/news, Reviews (events, books, exhibitions, films), Interviews,  Top 5/10 lists, Rants

What would you like to write a post about at this stage?

Consider methods:

  • Visual
  • Audio
  • Textual
Which of these would you like to start introducing on your own blog?
What are you doing at the moment that could be produced in this way?
Some planning approaches…

Activity – Make your own content plan for the next month. Share and feedback to the group (at the next session?)

Example of aims, method and content plan by Hannah:

Example of content scheduling by David:

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