Academic Blogging Workshop 21.11.12

Content Scheduling – share any created last week, further questions or points for discussion relating to this


Individual Focus – Anyone who wishes to share their online presence (specifically blogs), and receive feedback from the group on any issues they highlight


Good Online Writing and the Academic Reader

David’s Top 10 tips for (academic) blogging


Counterpoint: a well planned blog with clear aims can also be a place to test experimental styles of writing and research, challenge the reader.

Difference highlighted in comparing The Thesis Whisperer and Patter – operating to similar aims but using very different methods of writing

Task: identify your target reader (this could be your future self or purely hypothetical!). What do they want from your posts? What kind of writing do they want to deliver this message? Do you want to surprise/challenge them?


Task: Using your research proposal/draft RD1 as starting point rewrite as an about page or blog post (whichever most relevant). Thinking about the reader identified.

One to one advice period



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