MOG Meeting(s) 23-10-13

I asked Jim Aulich what he wanted from miriadonline. His response, to get it:

  • functioning for researchers;
  • functioning from an institutional point of view;
  • behaving as a platform for research development for the region.

Specifically he’d like to see:

  • video via Vimeo easily accessible;
  • ordering of elements on page;
  • picture + 100 word statement for every current MIRIAD postgrad with links to individual sites;
  • people using it more;
  • more group activities around the provision.

We discussed the dilemma for the MOG founders (Lewis, Hannah, David)… that despite having set up the hosting provision and WordPress network we didn’t just want to have to manage this infrastructure and respond to users perceived needs. We set up miriadonline because we wanted MIRIAD to develop a forward-looking, progressive strategy and response to Web technologies (refer to the ‘About MOG’ page on the blog).

In many ways, the Tacit e-journal – – set up by Hannah & David is the practical realisation of this ambition. So we made the point, and it was generally agreed, that some of the day-a-week miriadonline co-ordination Jim has budgeted for should be used to support and develop Tacit.

On reflection, the key issue might be that we’re trying to build and promote something for a community of people who don’t quite seem to get why they should need it… and that’s always going to be tricky. We need to promote and educate about it more effectively.

We agreed the network is very slow at the moment… probably need to upgrade the hosting.


  • Lewis to prioritise the poor performance and disorganisation of the current network.
  • Mary Ikoniadou agreed to coordinate the picture + 100 word statement for every current MIRIAD postgrad with links to individual sites;
  • Lewis, Anna, David + Hannah to run a series of bi-weekly, late Wednesday afternoon workshops (after the Research Training Programme session) – initially on setting up your blog and then on managing the content for your blog for the rest of the term. In the New Year we’ll shift to a monthly workshop to respond to individuals specific needs.
  • Agreed a bi-weekly open presentation session – ‘How I use the Web for my Research’ – with MIRIAD postgrads and staff making short, 15-minute presentations on how they use the Web for their own research would be a useful addition.

Next meeting:

Hannah & David OK Tuesday or Thursday


The Web hosting has been ugraded and performance is much improved…

Lewis is rationalising the current WordPress install – cleaning out unused plugins and themes and streamlining those plugins activated across the network. This might mean that some sites  don’t behave as they should – please report any oddness to Lewis. Most of the plugins are still there – but now they need to be activated on a site-by-site basis.

Lewis has started to organise and tweak the design of the portal – ordering listings, adding Latest on Twitter, Vimeo and Flickr to the ‘Home’ page and ‘archiving’ old sites. He’s currently working through all the subdomains and addon domains and contacting those not currently featured on the network.

Artemis has offered to help as required – Lewis is making a list of ongoing jobs that need to be done.

Gary should keep on updating the MIRIADONLINE Twitter feed…

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